Mom hacks for conquering midnight feeds

April 29, 2024

Mom hacks for conquering midnight feeds

We asked moms to share their best advice for conquering those midnight feeds. Many moms say it comes down to getting the essentials ready (and close to your bed or in the nursery) before you go to sleep. 

“Have snacks, BodyArmour, and water on your nightstand or in your pumping or nursing cart! I also brought my rocking chair to our room from the nursery to make middle of the night feeds easier,” shared mom Sara on our Nursing Queen Facebook page

Mom Diana chimed in as well, adding “Have a big water bottle to refill the smaller one so you don’t have to leave your room!”

Sometimes those midnight feeds can last a while. Many moms suggest using a small nightlight or dimmable lights to minimize the brightness in the room. We found several dimmable nightlight options on Amazon, some starting at $15.

Mom Becca said “AirPods were a game changer, I listen to so many podcasts and books - keeps me awake without being to stimulating like a phone screen.”

This next piece of advice made us all laugh. Molly said "Don’t spill your Haakaa (breast pump) on your sleeping husband. May or may not have done that…twice…"

Storage was also a topic that many moms brought up. There are some great hacks including keeping a mini-fridge or a small cooler in your room to make the night go smoother. 

“I loved having my mini mini fridge in the room to put pumped milk in (fed from one breast and pumped the other) so I didn’t have to wander down the stairs to refrigerate it,” said mom Pamela.

Mom Laura added “I also used a cooler with ice packs for this purpose. I still do actually—there is always a bottle with pumped milk in a cooler outside my daughter’s room when I go to bed. If she wakes up, the bottle is ready to go (she will drink it cold if she’s thirsty).”

Mom Taylor added “Stay hydrated. Maybe keep some headphones handy to listen to music or a podcast. 10ft charging cord comes in handy.” Yes! You know your phone may lose it’s battery right in the middle of a feed!

Taylor also reminded us all about how precious this time with our little one is: “Soak it in. You’re tired but it won’t be like that for long. I’m 11 months in and missing those midnight snuggles.”

Chime in on our Facebook page and let us know your best hacks for taking on those midnight feeds! 

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