Breastfeeding mom finds encouragement from strangers in airport

September 26, 2021

Breastfeeding mom finds encouragement from strangers in airport

It’s amazing how the little things can truly make a world of difference. Little things like a few words of encouragement from your loved one, your teacher or your coworker. Or, in this case, a few words scribbled on a sticky note from a mom you’ve never met.

Stephanie Duncan Smith has a story many new moms can relate to. She was traveling away from her little one for the first time in a year and a half. Any new parent will tell you the emotions that come with that scenario. Stephanie (@stephducansmith) wrote on Instagram that, “her state of mind wasn’t the greatest when she finally found a lactation pod” so she could pump. But then she opened the door and found little sticky notes plastered to the wall. She beautifully described it as “graffiti of generous good.” One of them read, “You are amazing. Don’t give up” and “Don’t stop. Keep pumping. Baby needs you” and “Look at you rocking mama life.” The simple words scribbled on blue and white sticky notes, helped this mom pause, re-center, and breathe a little easier.

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Little did the moms who came before her know their messages would make such an impact. Each kind and empathetic note is powerful on its own but there’s also beauty in the power of community - moms supporting other moms. A sea of support that grows note by note, each time a mom stops to put pen to paper.

It’s a good reminder of the power we all have each day to make a difference. We may not always think those little or simple things matter, but they do.  Just ask Stephanie, who thanked those “wise strangers” for providing us all with a few kind words of encouragement, including “You are doing great. You are enough. You are life”. 

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