Nursing Sweatshirt Review

March 03, 2021

nursing sweatshirt review

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit neither of us (Caitlin or Lisa) have left the house much, so we are all about comfort clothing. Not that we weren’t into comfort before, but the pandemic situation really sealed the deal for us! I mean who doesn’t love oversized sweatshirts and leggings or joggers? These pairings have literally become Caitlin and Lisa’s uniform lately, so you know that we jumped at the opportunity to see Nursing Queen’s Oversized Sweatshirt in a new color, Mulberry.

Who doesn’t lover oversized sweatshirts?! There is something comforting about them for both Caitlin and Lisa. For Lisa, they remind her of her father as she always wore her father’s t-shirts and sweatshirts when she was a teen. Her father passed 14 years ago and there is something about wearing oversized clothing that is very comforting to her. Caitlin lives in Ohio, and they get a fair amount of snow in the winter. Wearing layers keeps everyone warm and cozy on 10° days. This sweatshirt easily pairs with the Nursing Queen Padded Bra Tank we reviewed here. This is a major bonus because no one knows you aren’t wearing a “real” bra!


The Mulberry version of Nursing Queen’s Oversized Nursing Sweatshirt is just as cute as the original version in Gray Leopard that we reviewed here. The Mulberry version has the same split seam and the same hidden zipper, but there are a few differences in the two versions. The new Mulberry sweatshirt has a slightly longer hemline, the arms are a bit less baggy and it has a more relaxed hip area. Overall, these updates are what makes this sweater even better!!!

Laundering and Fit

The Oversized Nursing Sweatshirt in Mulberry is made of 30% cotton and 70% polyester. The weight of this sweatshirt is just perfect and it launders well. There was an ever so slight amount shrinking that occurred when first washed, but that hasn’t made much of a difference. If you are between sizes though, we would recommend to size up so that it will fit perfect once washed and dried.

Caitlin literally lives in the leopard version of this sweatshirt; it gets worn weekly and tons of use. The fresh mulberry hue adds a beautiful pop of color to her closet rotation. Even with this much wear and tear neither sweatshirt has shown signs of pilling. These are made with very high quality french terry. This is not your standard sweatshirt! Is there such a things as a luxury sweatshirt? Because this would be it.

For Lisa, she has personally has some issues with the spotting, simply because of the color, but nothing that can’t be overcome. Lisa eats a salad with an oil-based dressing everyday for lunch (boring, right?) and isn’t the cleanest eater, especially when distracted by her toddler. After wearing it several times, she noticed that she was regularly getting oil spots on her chest from the salad dressing splattering, but the good news is that they easily came out each time with a little scrubbing. The visibility of the spots is simply due to the color, not the make or fabric. With a pattern, the spots would have not have been as obvious. This is one of the reasons that Lisa sticks with patterns on clothing, but this mulberry color is so lovely that she couldn’t help herself.

Nursing access

As with most Nursing Queen apparel, the dual hidden zippers make this sweatshirt a breeze to breastfeed in. Both sides can unzip all the way across or they can meet in the middle. Breastfeeding a single baby, multiples or pumping would be ultra easy while wearing this! We both appreciate that the zippers aren’t eye catching and blend into the body of the sweatshirt.

Overall Rating

Overall, both Caitlin and Lisa love Nursing Queen’s Oversized Nursing Sweatshirt in Mulberry. Nursing Queen nailed the upgrades to this Oversized Nursing Sweatshirt. Nursing access is super easy, it launders well and is super comfortable! We are giving this nursing top 5 drops on our Boobable Rating Scale. We hope that Nursing Queen decides to make it in more patterns (for Lisa) and colors.

First frozen yogurt in a long time!

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Nursing Queen Size Chart

All of our designs fit true-to-size with an over-sized/relaxed fit (which compensates for extra weight and a larger chest). Our sizes are similar to maternity-wear: order your pre-baby size. If you're between sizes, size down. Typically, the best way to determine your size is to follow your pre-baby size in numbers on the chart (4/6, 8/10, etc). We realize this isn't a "one-size fits all" solution. If you aren't sure, measure your bust, waist, hips and follow the chart. If you get 3 measurements, pick the middle size. 

Plus Sizes: We follow a standard U.S. plus chart. Our plus sizes range from 1X-3X. NOTE: An XXL (in misses) is a size 1X in plus sizing. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!